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The must-read memoir of 2017
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The must-read memoir of 2017

The inimitable Robin Dalton – Sydney socialite, former spy, literary agent, film producer – publishes her memoir, One Leg Over: Having Fun – mostly – in Peace and Warthis month, courtesy of Text Publishing. And, as ever, Robin continues to make headlines nearly 80 years after making the front page of The Sydney Morning Herald on account of her (then) scandalous divorce from a much older man.

Find out more about Robin’s astonishing life – the glamorous friendships, whirlwind romances and career achievements – in a London beset by war  and beyond in these interviews with Australian Women’s Weekly, Fairfax’s Good Weekendin The Sydney Morning Herald‘s Spectrum and with Genevieve Jacobs on 666 ABC Canberra Mornings.


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