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Former hostage negotiator talks about life on the force – and beyond
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Former hostage negotiator talks about life on the force – and beyond

Belinda Neil had more experiences before she was 35 than most people have in a lifetime. As a NSW police hostage negotiator and homicide investigator, she saved countless lives and brought to justice some of Australia’s worst killers. But the stress of working long hours in high risk situations and witnessing so many horrific crime scenes would eventually take its toll, resulting in a post-traumatic stress disorder diagnosis and an eventual medical discharge from the job she loved so much.

This month, Harlequin Mira publishes Under Siege, Belinda’s story of life on the force and beyond. And the story seems to have struck a chord with audiences all over the country, thanks to Belinda’s affecting TV, radio and magazine appearances. You can see and hear Belinda on Under Siege by clicking on the links below.

For a full list of Belinda’s public appearances, see the Under Siege Facebook page.



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