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Positive Oncology: An Optimistic Approach to the Big C by Sue Mackey
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Positive Oncology: An Optimistic Approach to the Big C by Sue Mackey

“Wow! was my first reaction when I read this book. This is a powerful and valuable resource that allows and acknowledges grief, fear, anger, and sadness and offers simple strategies to help move through these phases on the way to recovery and wellness. I will highly recommend this gem to all my patients.” —Dr. Karen White, medical oncologist

Modern medicine has made wonderful progress in treating cancer. In privileged Western societies like ours, survival rates are better than at any point in history.

But while medicine has proved so effective at identifying and treating the disease, the psychological effects have been less well handled. A cancer diagnosis is extremely mentally challenging for sufferers and their families, and ongoing support – during and beyond medical treatment – in this area is often lacking.

Sue Mackey knows this only too well. Her challenge began in 2013 when she was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer. The chemotherapy, mastectomy, radiotherapy, and reconstructive surgery she endured over a two-year period was harrowing. Fortunately for Sue, her background in nursing and positive psychology proved hugely valuable in helping her meet the emotional challenges cancer presented, and these experiences encouraged her to write this book.

“When I was diagnosed with cancer, I was struck by the lack of resources to help me come to terms with the news,” Sue says. “Fortunately, I had been a positive psychology junkie for years and found that the techniques I had learned were hugely effective in helping me cope, not just mentally but physically, too.”

“I hope that these simple but powerful strategies might now help others to train their minds away from the same dark and desperate thoughts I faced.”

Positive Oncology offers a series of simple, optimistic coping strategies that will help those with cancer foster resilience and inner strength to help with the hard days. Referencing the latest medical research and based on techniques from positive psychology – an emerging field of science that takes the focus away from the disease and on to the promotion of overall wellbeing – it is designed to support those who are also undergoing conventional cancer treatments – and their support team of family and friends, too.

Positive Oncology is a toolkit for:

  • Bolstering resilience and cultivating courage
  • Promoting a positive mindset
  • Nurturing mindfulness
  • Helping friends and family to support a loved one

Sue Mackey manages a large psychology practice in Geelong with her husband, Chris, and has a certificate in Positive Psychology. She is grateful to have been cancer free for over three years. For more: positiveoncology.com.

Sue Mackey is available for interview from Victoria.

For review copies or interviews, please contact Emma Noble on +61 (0)432 899139 or via email.

[Published by Balboa Press, $15, 26 April 2017]

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