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What goes on in the mind of a Queen?
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What goes on in the mind of a Queen?

If, like we at Noble Words HQ, you’re fascinated by the Tudors – Hilary Mantel’s Wolf Hall and Bring Up the Bodies (the books AND their most excellent TV adaptation), Lady Antonia Fraser’s classic The Wives of Henry VIII, to name just a few – how about taking a look at the period from a fresh perspective… from inside the mind of the most intriguing monarch of the age?

Social commentator, creator of the social media feminist movement #destroythejoint and author Jane Caro has reimagined the world of Elizabeth I, telling first the story of the Virgin Queen’s accession to the throne in 2011’s Just a Girl and now, in its sequel Just a Queen, of ‘good Queen Bess’s’ later reign, all from a fictional Elizabeth’s point of view.

Jane talked to fellow Tudor tragic Richard Fidler on ABC Local Radio’s Conversations today, exploring the highlights of Elizabeth’s reign, her motives for never marrying and the challenges faced by a young woman fighting to make her way in a man’s world. Just a Queen is published this week by University of Queensland Press.

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