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Why women ‘shouldn’t hold back’ in business
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Why women ‘shouldn’t hold back’ in business

Naomi Simson believes that female entrepreneurs too often hold themselves back in the business world, and the founding director of Australian tech super-success RedBalloon has a message for those women: you don’t have to wait your turn. Read more about the philosophy that underpins both Naomi’s business success and her new book, Live What You Love, in this interview with Smart Company.

Behind the scenes of Shark Tank with Red Balloon founder Naomi Simson – SmartCompany

Have you noticed that Red Balloon founding director Naomi Simson wears the same outfits in each episode of Channel Ten’s Shark Tank? Simson, who founded experience and rewards company RedBalloon from her home with $25,000 in life savings in 2001, has been wearing red ever since a colleague told her years ago, “if she wanted to be a CEO she better start looking like one”.

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